This Week

Here is a quick round up of some things I’ve been into lately:

  • Kraftwerk 1

One of three albums in their “lost” period before Autobahn, this is more akin to Popol Vuh and Ash Ra Tempel than the ‘man-machine’ electronic pioneering sound they’re known for.  Alternating dark drones and punchy pysch hairiness, it pairs well with my pitch black coffee and readies my day for the noise ahead.

[check it out]

  • Machinedrum – Room(s)

I sort of liked this when it came out last year.  I wasn’t excited for it, I wasn’t into high speed clipped vocals and juke rhythms, and I was probably just into something completely different at the time.  When I brought it back out on a whim a couple months ago, Room(s) already felt fresher – then I made a copy for my car.  Now it’s become a favorite driving accompaniment and sounds exponentially better with volume properly cranked.  Hell, I included its moodiest track in the Shadow Piece mixtape.  It’s fast and reveling in footwork colors and properly alien to first-time listeners, but there’s a depth and range of feeling here that doesn’t often crop up on dance albums.  It’s this emotional tug that keeps it spinning and my interest pegged.

[seriously get it]

  • Ryan Teague

This guy just released Field Drawings and it’s been floating me for weeks.  It was actually the first new album I heard after my mother passed and felt like it was piercing my dark world with a bit of much needed light.  I’ll have more to say about this in another post.  Just listen to the intro track above.

  • This handsome devil.

This is Tres, my cat’s cat.  He was third in his litter, hence the name.  Not everyone is a fan but to me, this is the most affectionate animal I’ve known.  He’s a needy little bastard and seems nervous despite his unapologetic laziness.  He is a bit out of shape but he’s spry.  I think he’s allergic to pollen.  He’s sitting on my lap as I type so I thought I’d share.

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