Boredoms – Voaltz/Relerer

Boredoms are one of the greatest living bands on the planet. Here is an obscure, tangential testament to that unavoidable fact.

This highly evolved tribal psychedelic rock juggernaut exists on its own terms, in its own world, above and beyond the perceptions and ambitions of mere mortals. Frontman Yamantaka eYe is reported to be at least 200 years old and fueled entirely by advanced nuclear photosynthesis – not to mention a mould-shattering, epoch-defining musical genius. Birthed in the chaos-as-art nebula of 1980s Osaka, Japan, Boredoms grew from noise-assault pranksters with more than a hint of potential to the Weird Kings of the original Lollapalooza with a little help from American fans Nirvana and Sonic Youth in merely half a decade.

Eternally restless, they next entered the experimental cocoon of Super Roots, emerging at the tail end of the 1990’s as a sun-worshipping tribal-drone-trance monolith, devouring lesser bands and bridging the gap between primal violence and avant garde jazz like an acid-frenzied Colossus of Rhodes.

Throughout the current decade, the band has danced extensively with electronic manipulation and outright reconstruction through eYe’s increasing flirtation with DJ culture, and Voaltz/Relerer is one of the many joyous, dance-floor ready permutations they’ve birthed lately. Consisting of percussion-centered tranced out remixes of two tracks included with the Live At Sunflancisco DVD, this 12″ rarity is essential listening for anyone with even a passing interest in the band; or anyone still reading for that matter. Give it a spin (via the album artwork above) and try resisting the sorta exorbitantly priced copies available below.

(Special thanks to Ackibear for bringing this to my ears!)

 [highly sought after and extremely rare, this 12″ can be procured on the discogs marketplace and few other sources]

4 thoughts on “Boredoms – Voaltz/Relerer

    • While I don’t share downloads now, and haven’t for a long time, this particular post does have a link: click on the artwork.

      You’re welcome.


  1. awesome description of the boredoms. this is my son’s favorite album. he’s 1 yr old. he’s jumping up and down seeing the cover image on this page.


    • That is fantastic to know. My nephews (4 and 7 now) always loved Boredoms – kids just really respond to their primal energy, get instantly excited. I get requests for “Vision Creature Sun!” even!


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