Gang Gang Dance – Crystals

New Gang Gang Dance material.  It’s called Crystals, and it’s mighty promising.  This is an epic on the scale of their earlier God’s Money centerpiece, Egowar.  Which, as it happens, is my favorite track from these boundary destroying folks.

Yes, finalizing my last post reminded me of one of the best pre-release tracks I’ve heard in a long time.  Yes, I’m speaking of their new live favorite.  And yes, it’s beyond fucking incredible.  Hit play, turn on the “HQ” version if possible (for the sound quality) and leave a comment about what you think.  I have faith.

5 thoughts on “Gang Gang Dance – Crystals

    • Indeed they do. I feared for their future ability to continue on when the fire happened, but here they are bouncing back with even newer material, sounding absolutely on fire. Now I just can’t wait for another album although it’s too soon to expect one.


    • I’m actually going to post this podcast this week, a 35 minute continuous set starting with Crystals – so keep your eyes on here and you’ll have it ASAP.


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