Dr. Who Dat? – Beyond 2morrow

Excitingly innovative instrumental hip hop artist Dr. Who Dat? released Beyond 2morrow at the dawn of 2009.  Yet nearly halfway through the year, there has been little in the way of challenge to this record’s supremacy in it’s natural habitat – repeated listens only reveal the grooves as deeper, the beats more layered, the compositions as wildly accomplished.


Change.  Change.  Change.  Chaaaaaaaang.

Jump straight in and prepare to crack a smile as opener Lurk clears the path to a much jazzier, more soulful affair than the genre has been known for lately.  Every aspect, from the vocals to the chunky bass lines to the classy woodwind samples and early-electronica organ tones absolutely bleeds feeling and spirit.

[grab this at boomkat, or in digital format at amazon]

One thought on “Dr. Who Dat? – Beyond 2morrow

  1. nice post dear….

    Keep It up ….I Find one good Blog ….keep It up

    Thank you o. Much For Share a Good Knowledge ..Once Again thank you

    From Rajesh (India)


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