Alice Coltrane – Divine Songs


This is a glowing gem known only to those who have burrowed deep enough into the inimitable catalog of jazz legend Alice Coltrane.

“Divine music is the sound of true life, wisdom, and bliss.  This music transcends geographical boundaries, language barriers, age factors; and whether educated or uneducated, it reaches deep into the heart and soul, sacred and holy…” – Alice Coltrane

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Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma

Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma

Flying Lotus has crafted a masterpiece.  Cosmogramma is a state-of-emergency tidal wave of an album.  This self-evident space opera is a rollicking behemoth, sweeping all imitators aside and redefining any and all notions of what this genre can be.  This album is a clear step above everything else I’ve heard in 2010, and what I can only hope is a harbinger for the next decade of music evolution.  Oh.. and it’s out today.

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