A Reason

Optimistic Underground exists to shine a spotlight on good music, drawing attention to the artists and sounds I find most intriguing, addicting, and essential.  I believe truly interesting music has the right to listeners and thus Optimistic Underground will be an outlet for anything worthy of attention and deserving of support.  I will not ‘review’ albums or waste anyone’s time discussing sub-par sounds.  Thus, there is no rating system:  consider anything written about on Optimistic Underground as personally endorsed by yours truly.

Thank you for reading.

Thank you for listening.

And thank the artists for giving us all of their genius + love.

8 thoughts on “A Reason

  1. Hello I couldnt find out how to contact you so I am leaving this comment. I love your blog! I run a website called sickoftheradio.com and we are looking for contributors. I was wondering if you would want to do a couple posts a week for our site. I know you have your own blog already and this is probably a stupid question, but I had to ask. I would make sure to link to your blog from the posts you might submit to our site and spread the word about “Optimistic Underground.”


    • Not a stupid question at all – that sounds interesting to me. I’m always glad to write, and not only that but have a reason to write more. So when I’m back from my travels in a couple weeks I’ll check back with you – thanks!


  2. Hi mate , just wondered if you has an e-mail address i’d like to send you a copy my new ep . I think it might be something you would enjoy .

    Very good blog by the way, I’ve found out about artists I never would have otherwise .

    Peace . B


  3. Hello! My name is Ivan, I’m the leader of the band Nice Cliques from Russia. We play indie music with art-rock roots. In 2010 we have released our debut LP “Populra Art”. We’d really love for you to listen to it, you can download it freely from our website: http://www.nicecliques.com/files/Nice_Cliques-2010-Populra_Art.rar , or you can listen to the selected tracks online on our myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/nicecliques . Thanks for you attention!


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