I haven’t posted on here in ages and I feel terrible about this.

I’ve been busy, sure, but that’s no excuse; there is always something going on and I’ve made time in the past.  I woke up today with the resolve to change this.  I woke up with the notion of not only resuming writing about albums I want to share with the world, but changing the way I share on here.

So you’ll be seeing a few new things in the upcoming days and weeks.  You’ll be seeing a barrage of some of my favorite music discoveries this year along with new avenues of expressing myself and casting a light on worthy topics.

You’ll also see some HARD CORE NUDITY.

Okay, probably not.  Optimistic Underground has always been SFW and I imagine it should stay that way.  So, if you’re still here:  thank you for reading, thank you for your patience, and thank you in advance for coming back soon.