What I’m Into This Week (2/21 – 2/27)


I feel like I’m going to start doing a weekly post about the albums I’m listening to. That way, even if I don’t end up writing something lengthy about a given album, I’m still spreading the good word.

So here goes.

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Kanye West “30 Hours”

I still haven’t heard Kanye West’s new album The Life Of Pablo, but he apparently just added a handful of tracks to it, in addition to the official list released yesterday. This is the first one I’ve heard and it’s incredible.

On 30 Hours, Kanye samples Arthur Russell, quotes Nelly, and completely reset my expectations for the album.

This is good.

To be honest, all I had to hear was “sampled Arthur Russell” and I was all over this. The tune comes together really well, and Kanye’s rhymes still appear to be in peak form. I’ve got high hopes for the album.


Hopefully he changes the cover art too. I really like this faded photo.