ending in ing

I haven’t felt this floored by such a new artist in… ever. With the small amount of recorded output as evidence, I have no doubt ending in ing will get the attention he deserves.

Hear for yourself


The simplest and most direct thing I could say about this music is that it’s a perfect amalgam of several exhilarating, timelessly enjoyable elements.  Inducing a euphoric, wide-eyed, windblown hair on a sunny day feeling, this is classically perfect pop construction for the laptop generation.  The only comparison I could personally offer would be to the Avalanches – high praise indeed, but at the expense of the personal nature on display here. This man crafts songs – coherent, concise songs, without so much as a whiff of collage-style construction.  And these songs are made to get lost in.


I’m not going to describe the sounds themselves – it’s your job to find out.  PLEASE check out ending in ing’s myspace, as there are several other tracks available for streaming.  The tracks I’ve shared are all free, so be sure to THANK the artist personally, and encourage him to keep producing magic like this.