A Dancing Bug.


I love this show.  Only thing worth watching on children’s television.

Odd Future: Tyler The Creator and Hodgy Beats on Fallon

Since I actually sought this out on tv and stayed up to watch it, AND it turned out to be more than worth the time and effort, sharing seemed to be on order.  It’s Tyler, The Creator and Hodgy Beats of OFWGKTA.

So check this out and enjoy it as I have.  Several times already.  A few highlights:  Their insane energy and enthusiasm.  Tyler getting away with wearing the upside-down cross ski mask.  The song itself, fucking great even when edited.  The J-horror girl standing there doing nothing.  The gnome.  Felicia Day warily shouting “WOLF!” And of course the perma-grin final few seconds in which Jimmy Fallon carries Tyler piggyback, and a (possibly inebriated?) Mos Def shouts “SWAG, SWAG, SWAG!”

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

I just had to share this.

For all you fans bemoaning the loss of Arrested Development and thinking nothing will ever replace it:  check this show out.  I won’t say any more because it basically speaks for itself.  One episode is probably enough to convince even the most discriminating connoisseur.

This is the best comedy on television.  You can quote me on that.