Z-Rock Hawaii

Holy Shit.


Mindflaying collaboration between Ween and Boredoms.  If you’re even passingly familiar with either band, you’ve probably jumped out of your seat already.  It’s no gargantuan achievement; just an exciting smash up of the two groups’ extreme sensibilities, satisfying anyone remotely interested in such a project.  Scatalogical, free-associative lyricism pollinates a gritty crushing tribal punk garden, runaway train hyperactivity collides with relaxed stoner funk, and bone crunching guitar and drums fight it out under warped extraterrestrial sunny skies.

Picture a Venn diagram with Dean and Gene Ween in one circle, and Yamantaka Eye and company in the other.  The overlap, and then some, is what this album sounds like.  Turn this up loud and pay no heed to your exploding brain.

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