Swans – Love Will Save You // White Light Is Being Reissued


There’s something wildly life affirming about this song, and it’s not the title lyric. It’s the pure sound of it, the melody played out in chiming bells and wordless coos. It could be the centerpiece of a hit pop song, but it’s buried in the gothic fire of Swans‘ best album.

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Yo La Tengo covering The Cure’s “Friday I’m In Love”


When I saw that longtime favorite band Yo La Tengo were covering the classic hit Friday I’m In Love by The Cure, I pictured something hushed, understated, and endlessly charming. I wasn’t wrong.

When I watched the music video, however, I was fucking flabbergasted. It’s an epic story about love destroying the earth, as violent and jarring as it is hypnotic. Coming from this 30 year old band, it’s hilarious and.. surprising.

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Tom Waits – Bone Machine


Well I know karate, and voodoo too!

Everyone knows Tom Waits is one of those totally essential artists. You know, the ones your older brother or your first serious boyfriendĀ orĀ girlfriend constantly sung the praises of, reminding you that you *have to* listen. Often these artists slip by without due attention in a mixture of defiance and incredulity – how could anything be truly essential?

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