Funkadelic – Maggot Brain


On a weekend in August of 2015, I discovered Maggot Brain. I may have been 44 years late, but I’m just now realizing the depth and power that Funkadelic were capable of.

I’ve been on a funk kick, spurred on by the incredible new Dam-Funk album, and stumbled up on the evocative cover of Maggot Brain, with a woman’s head planted in the dirt, face frozen mid-scream.

It’s deeply unnerving, an iconic image that immediately sears into the memory. It fits the music completely.

Listen yourself:

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Neil Diamond – Cracklin’ Rosie

Neil Diamond 1971

There’s not much that needs to be said.  This is a clap- and sing-along pop spectacular. Neil often gets a bad rap (and strangely of late, an ironically good one) but if you’re not familiar, cast negative thoughts to the side and indulge. If you are, then you’ve probably already hit play.

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