Tea Leaf Dancers

I just discovered this.  The first track on Flying Lotus‘ breakthrough Reset EP, the video is suitably hypnotic and matches the song’s mood perfectly.  So watch it.  And listen to more of his brilliant work.  I’ll be helping out on that front in an upcoming post…

Dorian Concept – When Planets Explode

Dorian Concept is a one-man force of nature from Austria who’s been tweaking beats and spinning trippy jazz tracks for several years – and with the release of When Planets Explode in 2009, finally getting his due and hopefully some worldwide recognition.  Fans of Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke, Ras G (whose Brotha From Anotha Planet I’ve gone crazy for), and hell J Dilla himself, are pointedly advised to get in on this action and get familiar with the sick space-jazz-hiphop pulsing out of this LP.


This mindblowing mural of textural dexterity and extraterrestrial beat construction bears the hallmarks of Sun Ra or latter-day John Coltrane run through the modern wonky sensibility of beats straight out of a fevered acid dream.  Unrelenting, inventive sounds burst out of the speakers at every turn, keeping the listener on his toes and his neck snapped to attention – no easy head-nodding action here with the sudden tonal shifts and oft-subverted structures.  It’s a highly active album and all the more brilliant for it.  Although not nearly your average party material, the percussion and korg stabs supply ample slam, stuffed into an oceanic low-end that’ll keep any subwoofer busy for the half-hour-plus duration.  This is headphone nirvana, driving at night ecstasy, and fill-the-house explosiveness packed into a tightly wound free jazz banger sure to stupefy anyone willing to indulge in your latest album aquisition.  Grab this and detonate heads along with the solar system.

[snag this brain bender at boomkat for about $7 digital!]