What I’m Into This Week (5/22 – 5/28)

This week has burned by in a whirlwind of heat and new music, pushed along by the constant pulse of discovery. I stumbled up loads of totally new artists and revisited some recent material, resulting in radical newfound appreciation. Since it’s finally acceptable weather here in Michigan, I’ve spent a lot of time outside. But I brought my … Continue reading What I’m Into This Week (5/22 – 5/28)

This Week

Here is a quick round up of some things I’ve been into lately: Kraftwerk 1 One of three albums in their “lost” period before Autobahn, this is more akin to Popol Vuh and Ash Ra Tempel than the ‘man-machine’ electronic pioneering sound they’re known for.  Alternating dark drones and punchy pysch hairiness, it pairs well … Continue reading This Week